The University of Montana; PhD positions in the Woods lab studying physiological ecology and climate change

Current research projects in the lab seek to understand the physiological ecology of plant-insect interactions, link broad-scale climate data to the microclimates relevant to small ectotherms, and predict how ectotherms will perform in those microclimates now and in the future. These topics are addressed using a combination of field and lab experiments. We=92re also starting to do more analyses of large gridded data sets on climate, so students with strong computational and programming skills (e.g., R, python) are encouraged to apply.

The University of Montana is home to a strong collection of faculty researching ecology and evolution. The Division of Biological Sciences hosts an excellent graduate program in Organismal Biology and Ecology (OBE) with an emphasis on interdisciplinary training in evolution, genetics, ecology, organismal biology, and behavior. Missoula is a great college town in the heart of the Northern Rocky Mountains.

For more information on the Woods lab please visit:

Interested students are encouraged to email Dr. Woods ( Please include a brief description of your research interests and a CV in your email. Note that applications for Fall 2018 admission to the OBE program must be submitted by December 1st.