Graduate Assistantship in Landscape Ecology of Monarch Butterflies

Graduate Research Assistantship Opportunity

Landscape Ecology of Monarch Butterflies

University of Wisconsin – Madison

Application Deadline: Dec. 1, 2017

Start Date: ideal Spring 2018

We are seeking a highly motivated student for either an MS or PhD track to join a collaborative project between the University of Wisconsin and the US Fish and Wildlife Service to study monarch butterfly ecology and conservation in a landscape context.  The project will consist of exploring how ecological factors that affect monarchs, such as host plant quality and predation, vary across landscapes and how habitat quality, patch size and configuration may alter monarch survivorship and recruitment. The project at directors UW are Dr. Claudio Gratton (Entomology), and Karen Oberhauser (Entomology), and at USFWS Chris Trosen and Wayne Thogmartin.

Competitive applicants will have backgrounds in biology, ecology or entomology with an interest in conservation and insect biology. Prior experience doing field work and being part of a research project is desirable.  Strong quantitative skills (computation, statistics, coding) are also desirable. Communication skills (oral and writing) are important as is the ability to work on a team.  For more details on applying, please visit:

We will begin screening applications in early December 2017, have initial online or phone interviews in late December/early January, and extend an invitation for an on-campus visit in early February. Final decisions will be made by late February 2018. Starting date for the position could be as early as March 2018.

Current funding for the project guarantees a 2 year research assistantship (covers annual stipend and tuition remission) and could be extended through additional teaching assistantship or research assistantships.

If you have any questions, please contact Claudio Gratton (