Funded M.S. positions in community ecology and population genetics

Two M.S. graduate positions available to study Michigan interdunal wetland community ecology and population genetics

The Labs of Drs. Tiffany Schriever and Devin Bloom at Western Michigan=20

University seek MS students to work on a NOAA Sea Grant-funded project=20

investigating community ecology and population genetics in interdunal wetlands along eastern Lake Michigan. There are two positions available.=20

The first position will focus on examining the spatiotemporal patterns=20

of macroinvertebrate assemblages. The second position will investigate=20

population structure and levels of gene flow in macroinvertebrates that=20

vary in dispersal ability. Together these projects will seek to understand how environmental variation affects species composition, trait diversity, and genetic structure in a unique and dynamic habitat.=20

Applicants should have a BS in biology, ecology, environmental science=20

or related field. Ideal applicants will be highly motivated, have field=20

experience and be comfortable in harsh conditions with a field crew (2-4=20

people) for 1-2 weeks at a time. The applicant must be able to carry up=20

to 25lbs of equipment for extended periods of time. Two paid research positions to conduct fieldwork will be available starting in March or April of 2018 and continue through August, before starting graduate work=20

in the fall of 2018. Both graduate positions are fully funded for at least two years through research and teaching assistantships with tuition remission.

The Biological Sciences department at WMU is comprised of an interdisciplinary group of researchers that lead competitive PhD and MS=20

programs. WMU is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan, a metropolitan area of=20

~125,000 people located in the southwestern portion of the state. Kalamazoo has 13 thriving craft breweries, numerous biking/running trails that connect parks and attractions throughout the city, a large=20

outdoor Farmers market, and vibrant art community. Kalamazoo is within=20

convenient driving or biking distance (via the KalHaven trail) to Lake=20

Michigan and sits equidistant from Detroit and Chicago.

Contact Dr. Tiffany Schriever or Dr. Devin=20

Bloom for more information.  Please include your=20

resume/CV, Cover letter addressing your interest in the project, background, and extent of qualifications, and the names of 3 referees along with =93MSc position=94 in the email subject line. The deadline to=20

apply is December 1st 2018.