Graduate positions in ecology, evolution & behavior

Interested in a PhD in Ecology, Evolutionary Biology and Behavior? The EEB subprogram at the City University of New York is recruiting doctoral students!

EEB faculty research spans diverse topics across ecology, behavior, evolution and systematics to understand the relationships of organisms, populations and communities to their historic and contemporary environments, with particular strengths in using molecular and computational approaches to solving evolutionary questions. Doctoral students conduct research with faculty mentors across eight campuses of the City University of New York and the American Museum of Natural History.  Applications are due January 1, 2018. Please see instructions on our website ( and contact Subprogram Chair Dr. Elizabeth Alter ( with any questions. NB: Students applying to work with a faculty mentor at the AMNH must also submit a fellowship application by December 15, 2017.=20

Please see our website for a full list of faculty ( Faculty recruiting in Fall 2018 include: Lorenzo Prendini (AMNH): Systematics, evolution and biogeography of arachnids.

Eunsoo Kim (AMNH): Evolution, diversity, and symbioses of microbial eukaryotes.

Mark Siddall (AMNH): Protistan parasites.

Mande Holford (Hunter): Discovering novel peptides from venomous marine snails.

Christopher Blair (City Tech): Phylogenetics, phylogeography and demographic history of amphibians and reptiles.

David Gruber (Baruch): Fluorescence in marine organisms.

Stefano Ghirlanda (Brooklyn). Computational models of learning and decision making, e.g.

Jeffery Bird (Queens): Belowground C and N cycling in terrestrial and estuarine ecosystems. Paul Forlano (Brooklyn): Evolutionary/systems neuroscience of fishes.

Jeremy Draghi (Brooklyn): Eco-evolutionary feedbacks in host shifts in viruses and fitness

landscapes in bacterial metabolism.

Lisa Manne (CSI): Terrestrial ecology, biogeography and conservation.

Richard Veit (CSI): Ecology of birds, including foraging behavior.

Tony Wilson (Brooklyn): Evolution of reproductive complexity in aquatic environments.

Mike Hickerson (CCNY): Population genetics, community ecology and biogeography. Determinants of community assembly.

Ana Carnaval (CCNY): Spatial patterns of biodiversity and their underlying evolutionary and ecological processes.

Rob Anderson (CCNY): Biogeography, spatial configuration of environmental suitability for species, and  its ecological, evolutionary and practical consequences.

Kyle McDonald (CCNY): Water and carbon cycling.