Graduate position: SaintLouisU.InsectEvolutionaryEcol

Master’s opportunity in thermal evolutionary ecology of insect

The Fowler-Finn lab in the Department of Biology at Saint Louis
University is seeking highly motivated students to apply for a
Master’s position opening in Fall 2018. The student would join our
dynamic and diverse research team to work on an NSF funded project
investigating thermal effects on reproductive performance and sexual
communication in Enchenopa treehoppers (Hemiptera: Membracidae).
Treehoppers communicate through plant-borne vibrations, and mating
behavior as well as male songs and female preferences for the songs are
sensitive to changes in temperature.

The project will involve a combination of field work, laboratory
experimentation, and outreach education. The student will be trained in
how to implement a function-valued approach to characterize phenotypic
plasticity, and utilize classic quantitative genetics to measure
genetic variation across a latitudinal gradient. Outreach through sound
art installations and zoo exhibits capitalizes on the ability of the
bizarre and beautiful vibrational songs of treehoppers to capture the
public’s imagination.

The Fowler-Finn lab is a diverse group of scientists passionate about
arthropods, vibrational communication, outreach education, supporting
diversity in STEM, and having a ton of fun. We welcome inquiries from
folks of diverse backgrounds and training, and encourage
underrepresented and underserved groups to apply. The Department of
Biology at Saint Louis University, and institutions in the Saint Louis
area, provide ample opportunities to interact with a broad range of
scientists interested in ecology, evolution, behavior, and physiology.

For best consideration, apply by December 15, 2017. For more
information about the lab, or to express interest in the position,
visit the Fowler-Finn lab webpage ( or contact Kasey
Fowler-Finn (

Kasey Fowler-Finn <>