Graduate position: NorthernArizonaU.PlantEvolutionaryPlasticity

A M.S. or Ph.D. position is available to begin in the fall of 2018 with
Amy Whipple and Liza Holeski (, Dept. of
Biological Sciences at Northern Arizona University.  Research will
focus on trangenerational plasticity in Populus trichocarpa, a model
forest tree species. The graduate student will use laboratory and
field-based approaches to investigate relative effects of genetics and
within- and across-generation phenotypic plasticity of plant traits
relevant to adaptation to environmental change.
For more information about the NAU Biology department and graduate
programs, visit
Northern Arizona University ( is a comprehensive
public institution located in Flagstaff, AZ (population 65,000;
elevation 7000ft) on the southern Colorado Plateau, adjacent to
mountains, deserts, and the Grand Canyon. For more about NAU’s
facilities for studying the interactions on climate change and genetics
please see:  Support would be through
teaching assistantship initially. PhD students may be eligible to apply
for additional support through NAU Presidential Fellowship Program:

Interested candidates should contact Amy and Liza
( and by November 15^th,
2017.  Please include a C.V. and a brief description of your background
and research interests.

Liza Marie Holeski <>