# Graduate Recruiting in Evolution and Ecology at the University of Kentucky #

The University of Kentucky <http://www.uky.edu> (UK) is recruiting outstanding graduate students in the fields of evolutionary biology and ecology. UK is the home of a diverse set of research groups that use laboratory, field, computational, and mathematical tools to study questions in population and evolutionary genetics and genomics, ecological genetics, phylogenetics, evolutionary ecology, physiological ecology, conservation biology, behavioral ecology, plant ecology, and other fields in evolution and ecology.


These research groups are housed in a number of departments on campus including the Departments of Biology and Mathematics in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Departments of Entomology, Plant and Soil Sciences, Plant Pathology, and Forestry & Natural Resources in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

Research groups that support graduate study are listed below. Please contact individual faculty mentors about opportunities in their group and their department more broadly. Graduate funding depends on the department and research group and includes research and teaching assistantships. For example, the Department of Biology offers teaching assistantship support with competitive stipends for five years contingent upon progress to a PhD.

## Department of Biology ##

* Carol Baskin. Plant ecology. <https://bio.as.uky.edu/users/ccbask0>

* Phil Crowley. Evolutionary ecology. <https://bio.as.uky.edu/users/pcrowley>

* Catherine Linnen. Adpatation and speciation genomics. <http://www.linnenlab.com/>

* Nicholas McLetchie. Plant reproductive ecology. <http://www.i-


* Craig Sargent. Behavioral and evolutionary ecology. <http://darwin.uky.edu/~sargent/>

* Jeramiah Smith. Genome biology and evolution. <http://www.i-


* Jeremy Van Cleve. Theoretical and computational evolution and ecology. <http://vancleve.theoretical.bio>

* David Weisrock. Evolutionary genomics and phylogenetics. <http://sweb.uky.edu/~dweis2/The_Weisrock_Lab/Front_Page.html>

* David Westneat. Behavioral ecology. <http://www.i-


## Department of Mathematics ##

* David Murrugarra. Mathematical biology. <http://www.math.uky.edu/~dmu228/>

* Olivia Prosper. Mathematical biology. <http://www.ms.uky.edu/~ofpr222/>

## Department of Entomology ##

* Charles Fox. Life history evolution and behavioral ecology. <http://www.uky.edu/~cfox/>

* Clare Rittschof. Behavioral ecology, neuroscience, and genomics. <https://clarerittschof.com/>

* Nicholas Teets. Evolutionary and physiological adaptations to extreme environments. <http://www.teetslab.com/>

* Jennifer White. Ecology, evolution, and behavior of symbionts. <https://entomology.ca.uky.edu/person/jennifer-white>

## Department of Forestry & Natural Resources ##

* Mary Arthur. Forest ecology. <http://forestry.ca.uky.edu/mary-arthur>

* John Cox. Wildlife and Conservation Biology. <http://forestry.ca.uky.edu/john-cox>

* Steven Price. Ecology and conservation biology. <http://pricelab.ca.uky.edu/>

* Jian Yang. Landscape ecology. <https://forestry.ca.uky.edu/jian-yang>

## Department of Plant and Soil Sciences ##

* Rebecca McCulley. Grassland ecology. <http://www.mcculleylab.org/>

## Department of Plant Pathology ##

* Christopher Schardl. Evolution of plant and endophyte mutualisms. <https://plantpathology.ca.uky.edu/lab/schardl>

## Life in Lexington, KY ##

UK is located Lexington, KY, known for the many bucolic horse farms that surround the city, thoroughbred racing at Keeneland, equestrian events at Kentucky Horse Park. Lexington and the surrounding area is home to many bourbon distilleries and microbreweries and numerous outdoor activities including hiking and world-class climbing at the nearby Red River Gorge. The cost of living in Lexington is modest and many UK students, faculty, and staff live close to the University and commute by walking or biking.