Behavioral Ecology PhD/Masters position at Oklahoma State University

The Luttbeg lab (luttbegslab <>) at

Oklahoma State University has an opening for a PhD or Master’s student. As

a lab we focus on questions of how information and other state variables

affect the behavior and morphology of individuals, and what consequences

that has for ecological systems. We combine using theoretical models to

clarify our thinking and propose hypotheses with empirical experiments to

test those ideas. Students can work in any mixture of theoretical and

empirical approaches. Much of our work focuses on predator-prey

interactions, plasticity, and transgenerational or maternal effects.

The Department of Integrative Biology (integrativebiology

<>) is composed of 24 faculty and 50+

graduate students working on questions of ecology, behavior, evolution, and

ecotoxicology. The department has available teaching assistant positions

and associated tuition waivers.

If you are interested contact me by email and we can discuss are related

research interests.