Graduate position: UMississippi.HostParasiteEvolution

PhD position in evolution/behavior/physiology of host-parasite relationships

The Balenger Lab at the University of Mississippi is seeking a graduate
student to join our research group beginning Fall 2018. The student
would develop an independent research focus in line with ongoing lab
projects. Current topics include 1) the adaptive value of phenotypic
plasticity by hosts in mediating effects of parasites, 2) the role of
parasites in driving the evolution of host resistance and the expression
of sexually selected traits. Our studies utilize relationships between
locally common songbirds & the microbial pathogen Mycoplasma
gallisepticum AND field crickets & the acoustically orienting parasitoid
Ormia ochracea. Projects will utilize some combination of field, aviary,
wet lab, and/or bioinformatic approaches; individuals are encouraged to
pursue their own particular strengths and interests.

Funding is guaranteed for 5 years, mostly through teaching
assistantships, but research assistantships are also possible.
Assistantships include benefits, a tuition waiver, and a competitive
stipend ($22K for PhD students in 2017). An additional competitive
financial supplement is available for top applicants.

Prospective students with a background in animal behavior, epidemiology,
molecular biology, immunology, or bioinformatics are strongly encouraged
to apply. However, curiosity, determination and a collaborative attitude
are the most important traits. Interested applicants should email the
PI, Susan Balenger, at after seeking more
information at

Susan Balenger, PhD
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Biology
University of Mississippi

Susan Balenger <>