PhD Opportunity in Biogechemistry / Boston Univ.

I=92d like to announce two opportunities for PhD-level research in the Finzi

lab of Terrestrial Biogeochemistry at Boston University. The first

opportunity is in the area of coupled biogeochemical cycles in global

ecosystems with an emphasis on nutrient-use efficiency, allocation and

retranslocation. There is broad latitude for graduate student development of

ideas within this context. The student will most likely engage in

meta-analysis, field studies and modeling. The second opportunity is in the

area of agricultural ecology, focusing specifically on root traits, soil

carbon cycling and fertilizer-use efficiency in bioenergy crop systems

[study sites in Florida & Illinois]. This opportunity is part of a much

larger, DOE-funded Center for Advanced Bioenergy and Bioproducts Innovation

(CABBI) at the University of Illinois. The student will be trained at Boston

University but will have significant opportunities for interaction with the

highly multidisciplinary team that makes up the Center.

The City of Boston is a wonderful place to live and work. While modest in

size, Boston offers all of the benefits of the =91big city=92 experience and a

progressive work-life environment. At the same time there are ample mountain

activities in the White and Green Mountains of NH and VT, respectively, as

well as beaches on the north shore, south shore and Cape Cod. A very good

light rail system offers to opportunity to get around Boston without the

need for a vehicle. Boston has also gotten very bicycle friendly in recent

years. Field work can be accomplished via transport in a Finzi Lab vehicle.

The two PhD students will have the opportunity to participate in the PhD

program in Biogeoscience at Boston University. The program combines faculty

from the Department of Biology and Earth & Environment. There are upwards of

25 PhD students and postdocs in the program forming a =91critical mass=92 for

collaboration, friendship and scientific development.

Students interested in additional details can contact Dr. Adrien Finzi via

email [afinzi at bu dot edu] or by telephone [617.353.2453]. The application

deadline for the Department of Biology is December 7, 2017. Application

material can be found at: