Graduate position: SyracuseU.PlantEvolution

Graduate position in plant evolutionary genetics or evolutionary ecology

The Friedman lab at Syracuse University is looking for enthusiastic and
motivated Ph.D. students beginning in Fall 2018. Students will develop
dissertation projects in evolutionary genetics or evolutionary ecology
that complement work in the lab. Our lab uses a combination of ecological
and genomics approaches to address the evolution of reproductive
strategies in plants. Ongoing projects examine local adaptation,
quantitative genetics of life history differences in Mimulus guttatus,
sexual selection and mating in plants ( Most
projects use a combination of field work, greenhouse or growth chamber
experiments, population genomics, and molecular ecology.

The Friedman lab is part of the dynamic and integrative Center for
Reproductive Evolution ( and the Ecology & Plant
Biology, and Evolution, Genetics & Genomics research groups in Syracuse
Universityขs Department of Biology. Funding is guaranteed through
teaching assistantships for 5 years, and there is potential for Research
Assistantships. Syracuse University offers excellent benefits, a full
tuition waiver, and a generous stipend (~$25K for 2016). The close
proximity to SUNY-Environmental Science & Forestry campus and Cornell
makes this a strong and vibrant community.

Interested students should first contact Jannice Friedman
( with a description of your research interests and
experience and a CV or resume. For full consideration, full applications
to the department should be received by December 15, 2017.

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