Ph.D. Opportunity in Species Interactions

Althoff lab, Dept of Biology, Syracuse University

We are seeking exceptional students interested in studying the

evolutionary ecology of species interactions.  The lab focuses on studies

of coevolution, specialization, and speciation, and we use a combination

of diverse tools including field studies, molecular phylogenetics,

and population genetics.  Although we primarily examine plant-insect

and parasitoid-host coevolution, students interested in other taxonomic

groups are strongly encouraged to apply.   There are currently two funded

projects, one on the role of mutualism and antagonism in yucca and yucca

moth speciation and another using a synthetic yeast mutualism to study the

ecology and evolution of multi-mutualist species communities. Research is

question-driven rather than taxon-driven.  Please visit the lab webpage

at for more information.

Funding is guaranteed via teaching assistantships for 5 years and

potentially research assistantships.   Syracuse University offers

excellent benefits, a full tuition waiver, and a generous stipend

(~$25K for 2016).  Furthermore, the close proximity of S.U. to the

SUNY-Environmental Science and Forestry campus and Cornell makes this

a strong and vibrant community that facilitates an exciting graduate


Prospective students are encouraged to contact Dr. David Althoff