Job: MissouriBotanicalGarden.Tech.PlantConservationGenetics

I am hiring a ģLab Specialistē (I.e. Lab technican) in the Conservation
Genetics Lab at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

The Lab Technician will be working on a project investigating the
relationship between fecundity and genetic diversity in the federally
threatened Meadđs milkweed (Asclepias meadii)   The technician will
conduct both field work and lab work to help provide information that will
contribute to the management of plant species of conservation concern.
Field work will require travel to collect samples and monitor natural
populations of endangered plant species.  Lab work will consist mainly of
genetic analyses but will also include seed germination experiments.
Funding is available for 2.5 years.

I am hoping to find someone with 1) a strong interest in plant ecology and
evolution, conservation biology and/or applied conservation genetics, 2)
at least a bachelor’s degree with coursework in genetics, evolution,
ecology, conservation biology, botany, or a related discipline, 3)
previous lab and field experience, and 4) the ability to travel to conduct
field work to monitor endangered plant populations.

A description of the lab and its members can be found here:

A detailed position description can be found here:

Applications are only accepted online at the link above

Please contact Christy Edwards: for questions!

Christine E. Edwards, PhD
Stephen and Camilla Brauer Conservation Geneticist
Center for Conservation and Sustainable Development
Missouri Botanical Garden
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