Apply to the MS and PhD program at Bowling Green State University

The Graduate Program in Ecology & Conservation Biology at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) invites applications for admission to our PhD and MS programs for Fall 2018. A core group of collaborative faculty within the departments of Biological Sciences and Environmental Science has research strengths in:

*  Population and Community Ecology (climate change, plant-animal interactions, food web dynamics, evolutionary ecology)

*  Conservation Biology (invasion biology, habitat assessment and modeling, landscape ecology and restoration, molecular ecology and conservation genetics)

*  Aquatic Ecology (behavior, ecotoxicology, evolution, microbial ecology, limnology, and fisheries, wetland research)

*  Geospatial Analyses (remote sensing, GIS, in experimental contexts for landscape, community and population studies)


The Departmental Graduate Program comprises approximately 100 students supported by research and teaching assistantships. BGSU (18,000 students) is at the western end of Lake Erie, and in close proximity to remnant oak-

savanna, prairies and fragmented forest-agroecosytem complexes.  Bowling Green also features a low cost of living and is within easy driving distance of Columbus, Ann Arbor, Chicago, and Cleveland.

Interested students should identify and communicate with potential faculty research advisors from the list below.  Application deadline for Fall 2018 is Feb 1. Also see

sciences/graduate-programs/prospective-students.html. Core Faculty in Ecology & Conservation Biology

*Gabriela Bidart-Bouzat ( Evolutionary ecology, plant-

insect interactions

*Juan L. Bouzat ( Molecular ecology and evolution, conservation genetics

*Tim Davis ( ): Ecology of harmful algal blooms (HABs)

*Kevin McCluney ( Water, food webs, landscape ecology, freshwater sustainability

*Michael McKay ( Aquatic microbial ecology, phytoplankton-trace metal interactions

*Helen Michaels ( Plant population ecology, restoration, molecular ecology, conservation genetics

*Jeffrey Miner ( Aquatic community ecology, fishery biology

*Paul Moore ( Sensory ecology, chemoreceptor behavior

*Shannon Pelini ( Invertebrate ecology, climate change ecology, community ecology, decomposition

*Karen Root ( Conservation biology, population viability analysis, reserve design

*Daniel Wiegmann ( Behavioral ecology, reproductive biology of fishes

Affiliated Faculty in the School of Earth, Environment, and Society

*Andy Gregory ( Landscape ecology

*Anita Simic ( Remote sensing and GIS applications, vegetation and soil science, hydrology and water resources, bioenergy sustainability, environmental resources mapping and modeling