Graduate positions in community ecology, UC Santa Barbara

The Moeller Lab <> (part of the Department

of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology <> and

the Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Marine Science

<> at the University of California, Santa

Barbara) seeks Ph.D. students interested in the study of metabolic

interactions among species. The lab uses a combination of field

observations, laboratory experiments, and mathematical models to understand

acquired metabolism, metabolic reactions that (rather than being encoded in

an organism’s DNA) are obtained from other species. Mechanisms of

acquisition vary from mutually beneficial exchanges of metabolites to

parasitism and predation. Our goal is to connect these acquisitions to

shifts in ecological niche relevant to ecosystem function, and explore the

evolutionary implications of these metabolic “short-cuts”.

In addition to enthusiasm for ecology and evolution, applicants should have

some background in mathematics (coursework including Multivariable Calculus

and Differential Equations, or relevant research experience is preferred).

Prospective students interested in the study systems listed here

<> are

particularly encouraged to apply; however, research in the Moeller Lab is

diverse and students will be encouraged to develop and pursue independent

research projects as part of their dissertation work.

Interested students should contact me to discuss relevant research

interests and qualifications. Please write to and

include (1) a brief description of your research interests and, in

particular, how they overlap with the lab’s focus; (2) a summary of your

mathematical background and relevant research experience; and (3) a CV

which includes your GPA, professional references, and GRE scores.