Graduate Assistantships at Washington State University Vancouver

Graduate student positions are currently available for the MS and PhD programs in Biology, Plant Biology, Environmental Science, and Mathematics at Washington State University’s Vancouver campus.  Positions are funded with teaching and/or research assistantships that include tuition waivers. Faculty research areas in biology, environmental science and math include

*Animal Behavior

*Aquatic Ecology

*Biological Oceanography

*Butterfly Ecology

*Cell and Developmental Biology

*Community Ecology

*Conservation Biology

*Disease Ecology

*Disturbance Ecology

*Ecosystem Ecology

*Environmental Chemistry

*Environmental Hydrology

*Environmental Physics

*Evolutionary Ecology

*Global Change Biology

*Landscape Ecology

*Marine & Freshwater Plankton Ecology

*Microbial Ecology

*Mathematical Biology


*Physical Oceanography

*Plant-insect interactions

*Plant-herbivore interactions

*Plant Ecology

*Restoration Ecology

*Statistical Ecology

*Successional Dynamics

*Watershed Biogeochemistry

We expect to recruit 6-10 new graduate students into our programs next year supported on a combination of teaching assistantships and grant-based research assistantships. In addition, the program awards one incoming PhD student a Research Fellowship for their first academic year based on academic excellence.

Please see our website for more information about our graduate programs:

Because graduate students work closely with faculty in pursuing their research, you must line up a mentor before applying. Explore our Faculty Research pages to find someone whose research interests fit with your own, then contact that person to discuss applying to graduate school at WSU Vancouver.=20

Faculty members can be most helpful if they know a little about you. At a minimum, please provide a resume or CV, educational transcripts and information about your research background and interests.

WSU Vancouver is just across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon, and is close to the Cascade Mountains, Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean. In addition to its celebrated quality of life, the Pacific Northwest boasts a fruitful climate for scientific collaboration, with opportunities at numerous medical, environmental, research and teaching institutions throughout the region.

Priority applications are due January 10, 2018

Please contact Cheryl Schultz for additional information.

Cheryl Schultz

Associate Professor

Program Leader for Natural Sciences Graduate Programs

Washington State University Vancouver

14202 NE Salmon Creek Ave.

Vancouver, WA 98686