Restoration Ecology Apprenticeship at The Wilds

The Wilds is one of the largest and most innovative conservation centers in the world, offering diverse training programs for early career professionals.  One six-month position is available starting approximately November 13th, 2018. No monetary compensation is offered; however, the position is ideal for acquiring practical career experience in conservation, natural resource management, land stewardship, and ecological studies. On-site housing, valued at $250/month, is covered by the internship during the 6 months of this position.

The apprentice will be responsible for planning, organizing, and conducting restoration activities in a 20-acre forest section including understory invasive species removal, springtime native species planting events with volunteers, and vernal pool construction and monitoring.  The apprentice will also gain hands-on experience, participate in vegetation and wildlife studies and receive field training on a variety of ecological studies in wetland, forest, stream, & grassland habitats.

The apprentice will receive training in field methods (species identification, survey protocols, research methodology), GPS & GIS applications/map making, biological monitoring, and application of land management and restoration techniques.  The position requires hiking and some physically demanding tasks, including outdoor work throughout the seasons.  This may include hot, buggy, cold or otherwise challenging conditions.  Participants should be prepared with appropriate field gear / foot wear.   Must have a valid driver’s license and be able to lift at least 45 lbs.

To apply, please send your resume and a cover letter to the contact below.  Outline what you would hope to gain from the position and how your past experience makes you an ideal candidate.  All training programs at The Wilds are competitive and we value placing individuals in programs that suit their career goals.

Please send application materials to:

Dr. Rebecca Swab

Director of Restoration Ecology, The Wilds

14000 International Road, Cumberland, OH 43732<>

740.638.5030 ext. 2084


Patrick J. Boleman, RPCV, M.S.

Restoration Ecology Program Associate

The Wilds

14000 International Road

Cumberland OH  43732

Office: 740-638-5030 ext. 2085<>