Ph.D. Research Assistantships – Stream Ecosystems and Climate Change

PhD Assistantships Responses to Stream Warming: Food Webs (University of

Alabama); Carbon Dynamics (University of Georgia); and Metabolism and Carbon

Emissions (Virginia Tech), starting spring or fall 2018

We are seeking enthusiastic and qualified applicants to join our research

team investigating the effects of climate warming on macroinvertebrate

communities, stream carbon dynamics and ecosystem metabolism/carbon

emissions in a new project funded by the National Science Foundation. The

larger scope of the project includes microbial to whole-stream reach

responses to temperature that will be used to predict future network-scale

fates of carbon, using a multi-scale design that includes a paired-catchment

whole-stream warming experiment, an array of warmed streamside channels,

laboratory studies of aquatic microbes, and reach- and network-scale

modeling. Fieldwork will take place in the Southern Appalachians at the USDA

Forest Service Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory, North Carolina. Students will

engage in multiple aspects of research and will also develop their own

research questions under the overall theme of global change and thermal

effects in stream ecosystems.=20=20

Prospective students interested in the Food Web position should contact Dr.

Jon Benstead ( at the University of Alabama. Those

interested in the Carbon Dynamics position should contact Dr. Amy Rosemond

( at the University of Georgia, and prospective students

interested in the Metabolism and Carbon Emissions position should contact

Dr. Erin Hotchkiss (

Please send an email with 1) a CV and 2) a letter of interest by December 1

for full consideration. Include a description of your education, research

and work experience and perceived fit for the position. These positions are

open until filled; desired start date is on or before August 1, 2018. Each

position includes a competitive stipend, health insurance and tuition waiver.