PhD opportunities, Univ of Utah

PhD Opportunities Physiological Ecology of Western US Mountain Forests

University of Utah, Dept. of Biology, Salt Lake City, Utah=20

We are looking for PhD students interested in studying forest physiology and

forest carbon and water cycling in mountains of the western U.S.  Current

projects are focused on biological and physical factors influencing

photosynthesis and transpiration of mountain forests in the context of

climate change.  You will have the opportunity to learn and use a wide

variety of techniques, including leaf gas exchange, chlorophyll

fluorescence, plant water transport, forest environmental and flux

measurement methods, and isotope ratio mass spectrometry, and to work

collaboratively with scientists using tower and satellite-based remote

sensing observations and Earth system models.  We’ll train you in analytical

field and laboratory instrumentation and research techniques, experimental

design, data analysis, computer programming, ecological modeling and

scientific writing.  There is plenty of room to develop your own project in

the context of the overall scientific focus of our group. We offer up to 5

years of financial support in the form of teaching and research assistantships.

Requirements: 1) a bachelor=92s or master=92s degree and research experience in

a field of Earth system science (ecology, geology, physics, chemistry,

geography, etc.), 2) innate curiosity about the natural world and how it

works, 3) interest in learning and applying cutting-edge analytical

techniques to study ecology, and 4) strong motivation and ability to work

both independently and collaboratively.  Experience with plant physiological

ecology or environmental instrumentation is highly desired.  More

information about our Graduate Program in Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal

Biology is available at, and

about our research group at The

University of Utah is ranked among the top research institutions in the

nation and is home to more than 30,000 students and 18,000 employees.  Salt

Lake City is a sunny Western city with outstanding cultural and outdoor

recreational opportunities, including =93the greatest snow on Earth!=94 Deadline to apply is January 3, 2018.  If you=92re interested, please contact

Dr. Dave Bowling,

Professor of Biology

University of Utah