NSF funded PhD opportunity in animal physiology and community ecology

The Warne Lab at Southern Illinois University is seeking a highly motivated

PhD student to work on a collaborative NSF funded study testing how changes

in animal physiology and foraging behavior feedback to affect plant

community ecology. The research will focus on kangaroo rats and their

grassland communities in New Mexico, and will include the experimental

manipulation of endocrine physiology along with use of digital telemetry,

and stable isotopes. The student will work with both Dr. Robin Warne and Dr.

Justin Boyles in the Zoology Department at Southern Illinois University.

The start date for the position is January 1, 2018. Apply by October 16th

for full consideration.

For inquiries or to apply, please send a cover letter and CV to Dr. Robin

Warne (rwarne@siu.edu).

Our labs are highly research active, and we collectively maintain a strong

and diverse cohort of undergraduate and graduate researchers. More

information can be found at http://warnelab.weebly.com/ and