Smithsonian Wood Turtle Ecology Internship

The Smithsonian Conservation Biology

Institute provides the opportunity for one intern to gain experience with the study of ecology and conservation of a threatened, native Virginia turtle species. Interns will assist with on-going research that aims to study wood turtle (Glyptemys insculpta) movement across the landscape. This research is investigating how often wood turtles make large-scale movements across the landscape, the approximate distances of such movements, and what kinds of corridors such movements are inclined to follow. To this end, we are collecting novel data through the use of GPS telemetry units, which provide a level of accuracy and precision not possible before the use of this technology. By conducting this research, we are hoping to refocus wood turtle conservation and management efforts at a larger, landscape-level scale. Interns will primarily assist with wood turtle radio-telemetry, and aquatic visual encounter surveys for wood turtles. Interns will learn technical skills by assisting with radio telemetry, data collection in the field, and data input and management in Excel and ArcGIS


Knowledge and field experience with

ecology and conservation issues is

required. Ability to devote long hours in cold and wet conditions in remote field settings. Applicants with radio-telemetry experience are especially encouraged to apply. Will take directions easily and work well with others, yet have the ability to work independently. An eagerness and ability to manage and implement large amounts of data through ArcGIS and Excel.Applicants should have plans for continued education or a career in ecology or conservation.

The stipend is $700-1000 per month

(dependent on education level, coursework, and skills). Housing is provided at SCBI. This is a three-month internship, starting September 25th, and is a full-time appointment (40 hours per week). There may be an opportunity for extension up to a year. Applications accepted until September 1st.


To apply, go to:

Select “New to SOLAA? Create Account Here” complete the information to create an account. =A0

Information that will be requested (in

SOLAA) includes: Basic personal

information, Professional resume or CV, A one-page statement of your interest in pursuing this position. The statement should mention relevant experience, career goals, your reasons for wanting this internship, and what you hope to gain from the experience. Your statement is very important during application evaluations , and Transcripts from your current and/or previous institutions. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable. Optional: Two=A0letters of reference (One must be from a current or a former supervisor)

Once you create your account and provide the information above, you will see a screen where you select the type of appointment you are interested in. You will select:Type of appointment: =93Internship=94, Unit of interest: =93National Zoological Park=94, Program: =93National Zoological Park Internship Program=94,

Project: =93Wood Turtle Ecology=94

Questions about this internship should be sent to Elliot Lassiter at