Job Announcement (Temporary): Winter 2017 Technician at Canyonlands Research Station, UT

Temporary Employment Opportunity

Nov. 27 =96 Dec. 8, 2017

$10/hour + lodging

Job Overview

We are hiring technicians to assist with the installation of a research=

project. The project is assessing novel restoration methods in arid, actively grazed rangelands; our goal is to understand how innovative restoration technologies can improve soil stabilization and native plant=

establishment, as well as restore ecosystem services such as air quality, water quality, erosion control, and soil fertility. Experimental treatments include using small barriers to improve establishment of seeded plants, inoculating the soil with biological soil crust, and manipulating grazing deferment lengths. Technicians will=

be hired as non-student hourly employees though the University of Colorado.


*Installing experimental structures, which will involve carrying equipment (up to 15 lbs), kneeling or squatting for long periods of time, and using simple tools such as hammers and hand rakes. *Seeding native plants by hand. *Assisting with baseline data collection, taking measurements such as soil aggregate stability, line-point intercept, water infiltration, and=

soil sampling for chemical analyses.


*An interest in working in a desert ecosystem on applied restoration


*Attention to detail, with an ability to stay motivated and focused while performing repetitive tasks *Ability to work up to a 10-hour days outside in variable weather and


*Ability to bend over and kneel for extended periods of time, carrying=

up to 25 lbs

*Capable of working both independently and in small groups.


*Technicians will be hired as Colorado University employees, and receive=


*Lodging in Canyonlands National Park housing will be provided

How To Apply

*Send an email to with a brief Cover Letter, resume, and=

contact information for two professional references.