Ph.D. Student opportunity at the University of Idaho, Tree Physiology Lab

_Ph.D. Student opportunity at the University of Idaho_: The Tree

Physiology Lab, in collaboration with the US Forest Service, Rocky

Mountain Research Station, is seeking a highly motivated Ph.D. student

to work on questions related to physiology, drought tolerance, woody

plant seedling establishment and climate change. Potential projects

include, but are not limited to, underlying physiology of outplanting

success of native species, xylem anatomical properties that confer

drought tolerance, process-based modeling of seedling physiology during

drought and whole plant regulation of water loss. This position begins

in January of 2018. The University of Idaho is located in Moscow, a

small college town with a thriving arts scene and abundant opportunities

for outdoor recreation. The University also has a >8,000 acre

experimental forest where large-scale manipulative experiments can be

performed, and access to a fully-controlled greenhouse. For more

information email Dan Johnson (

<> _). More details on current research can

be found here: