PhD and MS Assistantships: Insect Evolution, Auburn U.

The Hardy Lab at Auburn University ( is=
recruiting one PhD student and one MS student to start in the spring seme=
of 2018. Each position will be supported fully through research=20
assistantships, including a competitive stipend and tuition waiver.

The PhD student will work on an NSF-funded project to study the species=20=

diversification of aphids in North America. This will entail phylogeny=20=

estimation from genomic data, niche modeling from geospatial data, and=20=

comparative statistical analyses. Background in any of these areas would =
great, but the only thing that is required is an interest in the evolutio=
and biodiversity of insects.

The MS student will study the evolutionary genetics of host-use adaptatio=
n in=20
scale insects. This will entail a greenhouse-based selection experiment=20=

coupled with transcriptome sequencing and comparison. No prior knowledge =
these methods is required =96 just an interest in how plant-eating insect=
evolve (or in how gene expression changes with niche breadth). The=20
experiments have been designed. What=92s needed is an enterprising studen=
t to=20
do them.

If you are interested (or are interested enough to want more information)=
please send an email to Nate Hardy ( with your CV and few w=
about yourslef. Applicants must meet requirements of admission to the Aub=
Graduate School ( There is a rolling admissi=
system. These vacancies will stay open until filled.