Graduate Assistantship in Entomology – Washington State University

The labs of Dr. Betsy Beers ( and Dr.

Dave Crowder ( and in the

Department of Entomology at Washington State University are recruiting a

student at the M.S. or Ph.D. level, to study acoustic (vibrational)

communication by psyllid pests. Research on psyllids has shown that male and

female psyllids conduct acoustic =93duets=94 during their mate-locating

activities. We are seeking a student who is interested in conducting

research on acoustic communication by a psyllid pest of pears. Research

areas may include behavioral analyses of duetting activities; recording

acoustic signals and analyzing waveform traits; and, describing

morphological structures of psyllids used in producing acoustic signals.

Project aims are to develop fundamental knowledge leading to better

understanding of the mate-locating activities of this pear pest. Moreover,

These data will be used to design mating disruption strategies using

acoustic signals that interfere with mate location by psyllids Potential

students should have interests in insect behavior and mate-location

strategies of insects. The research will be conducted in close collaboration

with Dr. David Horton of the USDA, and field research will be conducted

primarily in central Washington (so the student must be willing to travel to

field sites in university-provided vehicles). Students interested in

starting graduate school in August 2017 or January 2018 are encouraged to

apply. To apply send CV and statement of interest to Dave Crowder

( Students that have completed MS degrees or conducted an

independent research project are particularly encouraged to apply.