Master of Science Student Opportunity in Historical Ecology/Conservation Biology

We are seeking Master of Science students with interest in ecology and

historical ecology of freshwater ecosystems for research in our laboratory

at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg.  Students would be

enrolled in a thesis-based Master=92s program in Conservation Biology.  Our

research examines biological and chemical evidence in lake sediment cores to

reconstruct historical changes in lakes, watersheds, and wetlands.  Findings

have relevance to management, restoration, and conservation programs.  Our

research requires knowledge of modern freshwater ecology, and genuine

interest in examining evidence in the historical context.  We particularly

seek students who have interest in aquatic and wetland plants, who would

participate in historic analyses involving pollen, plant macrofossils,

phytoliths, diatoms, algae, etc.  The investigators have more than 30 years

of experience in freshwater historical ecology.  Florida has 8000 lakes that

offer diverse research opportunities.  Interested applicants should have a

B.S. in a biological discipline, ecology coursework, and preferably some

coursework in freshwater ecosystems and non-agricultural plants.  Our

program is small, selective, and M.S. students would be eligible for

teaching assistantships that provide health insurance and some tuition

waivers.  The M.S. program application deadline is June 1, but those with

interest in conducting thesis research in our lab should contact us well in

advance to discuss their interests.  We request serious inquiries only to:

Dr. Thomas J. Whitmore –

Dr. Melanie Riedinger-Whitmore =96