Pachaug State Forest- Natural Diversity Data Base Review

CT DEEP (Department of Energy and Environment Protection) Park and Recreation Internship.  Two interns to provide a Natural Diversity Data Base review along a multi-use trail. The trail is five miles long and its corridor would encompass a fifty foot wide path. The DEEP, NDDB shows five listed plant species and three critical habitats that must be assessed/avoided to prevent any damage to the environment when installing the trail. This project would include a description of existing site conditions, including descriptions of habitats encountered, list of component vascular plant species within the area including scientific binomials. Detailed maps and locations of target plants found, critical habitats and other noteworthy communities within the corridor would be documented in the final report. For targeted surveys, identify other taxa with which the target may be confused and the traits and features used to differentiate among them. If interested please contact Pamela Diggle (