Santa Barbara REU

A Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) summer fellowship is open

for one student at the Marine Science Institute, University of California

Santa Barbara. Duration is 12 weeks, June 3-Aug 29, although these dates

can be somewhat flexible to accommodate academic schedules. We invite

applications from qualified, highly motivated undergraduate students from

U.S. colleges/universities to participate in a 12-week lab and field based

summer research experience. U.S. citizenship is required. The student will

be involved with an NSF-funded project on the transport of drifting kelp

from coastal kelp forests to sandy beaches where it washes up as wrack. The

main objective of the project is evaluate how variation in kelp wrack input

affects patterns and processes in beach ecosystems and to develop a

quantitative understanding of trophic connectivity through physical

transport and input of drift kelp from kelp forests to sandy beaches. The

student will learn ecological and/or physical oceanographic methods to

explore this topic, and will be required to write a report, in the format

of a scientific paper, and give a presentation on their project at the end

of the summer.  Travel costs to and from UCSB will be covered, and the

student will be provided with a weekly stipend for living expenses.  This

is a full-time commitment and any work or educational activities outside

the program must be approved.


You are eligible if you are an undergraduate student who has completed at

least two years of study towards a bachelor’s degree in a related topic

(including biology, ecology, or physics), and you will still be an

undergraduate in the fall after the summer program.  Students from

underrepresented groups and institutions with limited research

opportunities are especially encouraged to apply. Experience with

scientific diving is desirable but not required. Applicants must be U.S.

citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. and its possessions. The

University of California is an equal opportunity employer and educator.


Interested applicants should send a statement of interest, resume,

unofficial transcript, one letter of recommendation, and contact

information for one additional reference. The statement of interest should

be less than 500 words and include the following information: (i)

professional goals, (ii) interest in position, and (iii) relevant

experience.  Send application materials, preferably in one PDF file, to

Jenny Dugan ( Please include your name and

REU application in file names and subject line. You may also send all

application materials in hard copy by non-electronic mail service to: Jenny

Dugan, Marine Science Institute, UCSB, Santa Barbara CA 93601-6150. The

letter of recommendation should be sent directly from the recommender

(please include the applicants name in the subject line for emails).

Incomplete applications will not be considered.  Applications will be

accepted through April 21, 2016.