MS students in coastal marine ecology at Sam Houston State University

The Coastal Marine Ecology Program at Sam Houston State University is

looking for 2 Masters students to begin in the Fall 2017 semester, with a

focus on community ecology, predator-prey interactions, and/or ecological

resilience, preferentially in estuarine ecosystems. Students will be

expected to exhibit a commitment to academics, research, and education, both

locally in Huntsville and along the Texas coast, and be open to assisting

with extramural research with collaborating partners of the Program.

Interested individuals should consultant Dr. Philip Matich=92s website:

as well as the Coastal Marine Ecology Program=92s Facebook page:

for current research topics.

Sam Houston State University ( provides its students

with the opportunity to engage with local, state, and federal partners

concerning science, education, and practical training in formal and informal

environments, while offering a diversity of graduate courses and research

experiences. For more information, please contact Dr. Philip Matich: