MS bats UFl

I am seeking a highly motivated M.S. student to join the University of Flor= ida, starting in August 2017. This student will join a research team invest= igating the ecology of bats in the Southeast. The student will characterize=  diets of bats in FL, GA, and AL, using molecular techniques. The second co= mponent of investigation could include spatial modeling of bat activity at = a landscape scale, or calculating the economic impact of bats as controller= s of insect pests.

The candidate must have an avid interest in genetic laboratory methods, and=  must be willing to work unusual hours in the field as demanded by the biol= ogy of the bats. An M.S. degree is possible in either ‘Wildlife Ecology and=  Conservation’ or ‘Interdisciplinary Ecology’.

Required credential include a B.S. in wildlife, ecology, natural resource c= onservation, environmental studies, or a related field; strong quantitative=  skills and demonstrated writing ability; competitive GPA and GRE scores. A= pplicants should be highly motivated, willing to work independently and as = part of a team, have experience using molecular techniques, experience with=  GIS, and field experience handling bats and extracting them from mist nets= .

If interested, send the following materials to<mailto:ho=>: (1) a cover letter briefly describing your research inte= rests, career goals, and why you would like to pursue a graduate degree; (2=
) a resume; (3) unofficial copies of GRE scores and academic transcripts; a= nd (4) name, phone number and email address of 3 references. There is no ne= ed to pursue the official application process through the university until = candidate selection is complete.

The student will enroll in August 2017. Tuition, stipend, health insurance,=  and field expenses will be covered for two years from the date of hire. De= adline to apply is 15 April 2017. For more information, contact Dr. Holly O= ber (<>).