Ph.D. Position in Landscape Ecology and Invasive Species

Professor Ross K. Meentemeyer at North Carolina State University seeks a Ph.D. student to join NSF- and USDA-sponsored research projects focused on the landscape dynamics of invasive pests and pathogens. The research projects will contribute to applied goals of developing geospatial approaches to modeling and managing the spatial spread of outbreaks, with a special emphasis on the problem of long-distance dispersal. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to join an interdisciplinary team of researchers in the Center for Geospatial Analytics ( developing open source data, models, and interactive decision-making tools designed to engage stakeholders and collaboratively solve complex problems. Ideal candidates will demonstrate desire and capacity for leveraging theoretical and applied advances in landscape ecology and modeling.

To learn more, please send a CV and brief letter of interest outlining your qualifications to Ross K. Meentemeyer ( by Friday April 7th. Please insert the following in the subject line of the email: =93Ph.D. Position in Landscape Ecology & Invasive Species.=94