Job: Avian Field Technician: Massachusetts

Avian Field Technician: Massachusetts

Agency: The University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Location: Amherst, MA

Job Category: Full time seasonal

Salary: $11.00/hr, 40 hrs/week

Note: Housing not provided

Start date: early May

End date: early August

Last date to apply: April 7, 2017

Description: Technician will work under the supervision of a PhD student

running the research project. Duties include but are not limited to:

nest searching for Wood Thrush and Gray Catbird nests in suburban forest

patches and a large forest with minimum public access, nest monitoring

and observation, placing and maintaining nest cameras, mistnetting to

capture and band adults, measuring nestling and adult body conditions,

taking detailed notes for data entry, using equipment responsibly, and

assisting other field crew members when necessary. Applicants should be

able to start work early (~ 5am), move through forest patches carrying

equipment (including 25 lb. golf cart batteries), and handle summer

field conditions (heat and insects). Applicants MUST have a car which

can be used as an additional field vehicle (with gas reimbursement).

Ideal applicants also have experience bleeding birds, plant ID skills

for northeastern temperate forests, and can identify northeastern birds

by sight and sound.

Qualifications: Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in wildlife related field.

Must be willing to work early hours (starting approx. 5 am), drive

personal vehicle, and work in field conditions in forested areas.

General computer knowledge and skills required. Previous experience nest

searching and mistnetting birds is necessary.

Note: Start and end dates are flexible. Housing not provided.

Interested and qualified applicants should submit a resume, cover

letter, and contact information for three references to: Kit Straley .