Graduate position: MurrayStateU_Kentucky.PhenotypicPlasticity

Graduate position (M.S.) in phenotypic plasticity and evolution of
animal behavior.

The Beckers’ lab at Murray State University accepts M.S. student
interested in phenotypic plasticity and evolution of animal behavior
starting in the fall of 2017.  Our lab works on male calling and female
preference behavior in two of the very few Orthopteran species that
display environmentally-induced call plasticity. We use crickets and
katydids as model organisms to address our questions. Our research is
focused primarily on behavior, but will soon extend in a collaborative
effort its focus to the underlying molecular underpinnings responsible
for behavioral diversity. We seek an enthusiastic and driven student to
join our lab, who has a B.S. in biology, ecology, evolution, or related
discipline. Teaching assistantships are available.

To apply or for inquires please send email to:

For applications, please attach a letter of application indicating your
research interests and career goals and a curriculum vitae including
undergraduate GPA and, if available, GRE scores. Review of applications
starts immediately and continues until the position is filled. Thank
you for your interest.

Find more information on Dr. Beckers’ research here (faculty

Oliver Beckers <>