Undergrad Field Research UCR Entomology/Microbiology

The Purcell lab in the Department of Entomology at UCR seeks motivated

undergraduate students to contribute to summer research projects.  Members

of the Purcell lab study the behavioral, ecological and genetic basis of

evolutionary transitions in social organization in insects such as ants.=20 One project in particular will require 1-2 undergraduate research assistants

this summer.  Recent research is expanding what we know about the role of

the gut microbiome in ecology. Amanda Hale, a PhD student in the Purcell

lab, is investigating the role of gut microbiome plasticity in facilitating

the success of invasive species.  This project will consist of field

collections of ants from different natural and urbanized areas in the

southern California region, lab maintenance of experimental colonies, and

genetic lab work. Collections will be time sensitive, requiring on-site

camping in the field and motivated students with strong time-management

skills. Experience with camping, hiking and other outdoor activities will be

an asset.   Students will gain skills in insect identification, field work,

sterile lab technique, dissections, and experimental design.  Exceptional

students who demonstrate their skills and work ethic in lab may be able to

run their own experiment, earn research credit, or earn a salary as a

research assistant.  If interested, please contact Amanda Hale

(ahale004@ucr.edu) for more information.  Application materials will include

a resume/CV and contact information for two references.  These will be due

no later than April 10.