New England Wild Flower Society, SEASONAL SEED COLLECTORS (two positions); Framingham, MA

Two Rare Plant Seed Collectors =96 New England Wild Flower Society

The mission of New England Wild Flower Society is to conserve and promote the region=92s native plants to ensure healthy, biologically diverse landscapes. Founded in 1900, the Society is the nation=92s oldest plant conservation organization and a recognized leader in native plant conservation, horticulture, and education. The Society=92s headquarters, Garden in the Woods, is a renowned native plant botanic garden in Framingham, Massachusetts, that attracts visitors from all over the world. From this base, 25 staff and more than 700 volunteers work throughout New England to monitor and protect rare and endangered plants, collect and preserve seeds to ensure biological diversity, detect and control invasive species, conduct research, and offer a range of educational programs. The Society also operates a native plant nursery at Nasami Farm in western Massachusetts and has six sanctuaries in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont that are open to the public.

As part of its conservation program, the Society maintains a seed bank of rare species of plants of New England to help ensure the preservation of genetic material that will be needed for future population augmentation, species reintroduction, biological studies, and other uses.

Position Summary

The Society is seeking two seasonal Rare Plant Seed Collectors. Each collector will be responsible for a region of New England. The Southern New England collector will be responsible for collecting in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, but will also be responsible for southern sections of New Hampshire and Maine. The Northern New England Collector will be responsible for collecting in Vermont and northern areas of New Hampshire and Maine.

These are temporary, full-time positions (40 hours per week) for a 22-week period beginning June 11, 2017. Species and occurrences to be collected will be determined by New England Wild Flower Society staff. Collectors should make at least 50 collections within their respective region, but must make attempts to collect from at least 75 occurrences. Collectors will be reimbursed for travel, postage, and other expenses up to a specified amount.

Rare Plant Seed Collectors will:

* Determine landowners and obtain permission for collection as needed in cooperation with Society staff.

* Research locations and timing of collections.

* Travel to sites within their respective areas to collect seed during the appropriate collection period.

* Mail seed and completed seed collection forms to the Society within 5 days of collection.

* Complete and upload respective state Heritage Program field forms for each site visited (regardless of whether collection is made) within 10 days of site visit.

Skills and Experience

Collectors must:

* Have demonstrated a strong knowledge of the New England flora.

* Have demonstrated experience in surveying rare plant occurrences and in collecting seeds of rare plant species in New England, including the use of GPS to record point locations.

* Have the ability to perform strenuous field surveys and seed collections.

* Be willing to spend long hours in the field under inclement conditions.

* Be willing to travel long distances and stay overnight as necessary.

* Have a valid driver=92s license and provide their own vehicle.

* Provide their own phone and computer, and be able to upload seed collection and field forms to the Society=92s Conservation Website.

Positon Opening: Date: 6 March 2017

Position Closing: When positon filled.

To Apply: Send cover letter and resume with your name and =93Rare Plant Seed Collector=94 in the file name to: Bill Brumback, Director of Conservation, New England Wild Flower Society, Please designate your interest in either the Northern or Southern Collector positon.