Paid Summer Internship in Restoration and Horticulture, St. Louis

Internship from June 5th to August 11th, working 40 hours per week.  When applying please include a cover letter along with your resume.


Primary responsibility is to assist horticulture staff with the restoration

and horticulture work at the Litzsinger Road Ecology Center, a 34 acre

environmental education center managed by the Missouri Botanical Garden.

This program will have a strong focus on understanding and conducting

restoration and horticulture through a flexible weekly curriculum consisting

of reading, field research, and on-the-ground work.  Intern is required to

develop an independent, site-based research project.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

– Actively works hands-on with horticulture staff to complete prairie and woodland restoration efforts (i.e. pulling weeds, planting seeds and small

plants to revegetate the land, etc.).

– Identify and tag invasive plant species for eradication process; assists

in control of invasive plant species through the use of manual, mechanical,

and/or chemical methods.

– Operates power equipment and hand tools.

– Assists in trail maintenance =96 restore trail erosion (i.e., fill in with

soil or other materials) to prevent and/or divert further water erosion;

trash clean-up, etc.

– Collects and cleans seeds; plant and propagate cuttings.

– Assists with gathering data to complete plant population surveys

– Stream monitoring; track and record depth/height of stream; conduct

various types of water analyses using a microscope.

– May interact with volunteers and high school groups; perform hands-on


– Internship Project =96 Required to independently develop a site-based

research project.

– Works cohesively as a team with LREC staff.

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