Graduate student positions Evolutionary biodiversity of plant-eating insects

Nate Hardy is looking for two graduate students  (either PhD or MS) to jo=

in his research group at Auburn University and work on the evolutionary biodiversity of sap-sucking bugs. He needs help with two projects: 1) Estimating the aphid phylogeny and using it to figure out what drives speciation in plant-eating insects. 2) Conducting selection experiments a=

nd gene expression analyses to figure out how plant-eating insects evolve th=

eir diets. Please see the Hardy Lab website (

/) for a more detailed overview of the research program.

Students with an interest in any of the following subjects are encouraged=

to apply: speciation, species diversity, phylogenomics, comparative phylogenetics, evolutionary ecology, experimental evolution, and transcriptomics.

Four years of support are available for PhD students and two years for MS=

students, through graduate research fellowships that include a tuition waiver, health benefits and a competitive stipend. The start date for bot=

h positions is August 18, the beginning of the 2017 Fall Semester.

If you are interested, please send a CV and a short statement of your research interests (less than 500 words) to Nate Hardy, Fe=

el free to contact him by email for further information. Please also apply t=

o the Auburn Graduate School (

students/application-instructions/). Review of applicants will start on M=

arch 24. The positions will stay open until filled.

Dr Nate B Hardy

Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology

Auburn University

Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama 36849