Crew Member | Nevada Conservation Corps | AmeriCorps (2017 Spring)

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The Service Experience: Spend a season or more working and camping outside at some of Nevada=92s premier natural areas. Serve alongside volunteers from across the country while making a lasting contribution to Nevada=92s natural resources and heritage. Gain valuable field experience while working on habitat improvement, restoration, and recreation projects with the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, and many other federal and state agencies. Learn firsthand from federal employees and specialists about natural resources and conservation careers. Projects may include trail construction and maintenance, hazardous fuels reduction, and habitat restoration. Find more information on projects here!

Essential Duties:

=95Building and maintaining trails, restoring and improving wildlife habitat, and reducing hazardous fuels in our forests and public lands;

=95Camping up to seven nights in wilderness setting without formal restroom facilities or running water;

=95Making a commitment of national service to our landscapes and communities;

=95Maintaining a positive and professional attitude at all times while providing service;

=95Communicating effectively with crew members, crew leaders, NCC staff and agency project staff;

=95Complying with both production and quality work standards established by NCC administration, crew supervisors and project partners;

=95Contributing to basic duties at the campsite including cooking, cleaning and organizing crew equipment;

=95Showing respect when interacting with other members, leaders, staff, project sponsors and community members;

=95Participating in in-field education sessions;

=95Percentage of time spent on: labor=96 70%, traveling=96 20%, hiking=96  10%;

=95Lifting 25lbs continuously and 50lbs occasionally.

Contract Timeline:

Members will serve either a 2-month service contract.

=952-month: March 13, 2017 to May 18, 2017

If these terms of service don’t fit your availability please contact us anyway! We can discuss your options.


Crew members may be assigned to serve from the Las Vegas Field Station, and will serve and camp in the field on 4-day tours, 8-day tours, or a mixture of the two. Schedules will be dictated by project site and distance from the field station. The locations of service will depend on which regional office you are assigned to for your term of service and may change throughout the season. Camping locations are provided during the work week. We will not provide housing nor sign leases, but we can help assist with identifying housing options.

Compensation and Benefits:

This is an AmeriCorps position; candidates will receive a living stipend dependent on their length of service. The living stipend is a fixed amount, not an hourly wage or a salary. This stipend paid to members in bi-weekly installments throughout their term of service. Members also receive a food per-diem while on project at a rate of $7.25 per day in the field. Upon completion of AmeriCorps service members shall receive an additional education award also dependent on the length of service that can be used for paying off student loans or paying tuition for a Title IV accredited college.

=952-Month Service Contract (300 hour service term): $2,346.37 living stipend (approximately $550 every two weeks) + $1,230.69 education award

Members are also compensated by gaining valuable field work experience, professional development and practical trainings and certifications, and the potential to earn college credit through program participation.

Training & Field Work Experience

-First aid and CPR certification;

-Leave No Trace (LNT) training;

-Trail construction and maintenance training for trail crews;

-S212 equivalent chainsaw training for habitat restoration and fuels reduction crews.

-GBI has successfully collaborated with participating colleges to award program participants college credit for their term of service. For more information, please inquire during the interview process.

Job Qualifications:

=95Must maintain a positive and professional attitude at all times while providing service.

=95Be able to communicate effectively with members, crew leaders, NCC staff, and project partners.

=95Possess the willingness and ability to work and camp up to seven night s in a row, in a wilderness setting, in all weather conditions, without formal restroom facilities or running water.

=95Be able to lift 25lbs continuously and 50lbs occasionally

=95Be at least 17 years of age

=95Be a US citizen

=95Must possess a high school diploma or GED

=95Must be eligible to receive an AmeriCorps Education Award (limit of four in a lifetime or the equivalent of two full-time education awards).*

=95All position offers are conditional upon completion of an acceptable check of the National Sex Offender Public Registry and federal criminal background check.

Other Job Information (if applicable):

Make a difference on the landscape, and in your life with the Nevada Conservation Corps!

Learn from your experience like this member, who said: “Being out here and overcoming obstacles has taught me that my limits were further than I thought. From suddenly changing plans, to long weeks of the hard work,to dust and baking in the sun, to sawing with wet feet and gloves in the snow, I learned that pushing my limits wasn’t as impossible as I thought, that I was capable of more. Regularly conquering what was a hardship before gave me perspective and self-confidence. I knew how I would have reacted to situations before the NCC, and I am proud to know how far I’ve come in a short time.”