MS Reseearch Assistantships at Michigan Technological University

We seek two MS students with interests in aquatic ecology, limnology and ecotoxicology to pursue research projects at Michigan Technological University. Research topics include 1) The importance of overwintering on yellow perch proximate composition, persistent organic pollutant bioaccumulation and stable isotope (d13C & d15N) ecology and 2) Mapping water quality metrics in a north temperate dimictic lake over an annual growing season. Each of these projects represent a combination of laboratory and field work with sampling efforts focused in Michigan=92s Upper Peninsula region.

Preferred candidates will have strong backgrounds in aquatic ecology and limnology in addition to good lab techniques associated with working in a chemistry lab environment. Additional experience and background in ecotoxicology, field work, and familiarity with operating small watercraft are beneficial, however, these skills are not essential to apply. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact Dr. Gord Paterson ( for specific project details and application instructions. Both of these positions are supported by graduate teaching assistantships in the Biological Sciences Department at Michigan Technological University. We anticipate potential candidates to officially apply to enroll for the fall semester, starting August 2017. Applications will be reviewed as they are received and review will continue until suitable individuals are selected.