Summer Field Technician Jobs in Plant & Insect Ecology

We are seeking six, highly motivated individuals who are interested working as part of a large team of investigators examining diversity patterns in restored grasslands that are part of the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP).  In Kansas, the CRP program includes over 2 million acres=97much of which is re-established, native grassland. However, a dominant grazer is lacking on most of these sites despite the critical role that bison historically played in this grassland ecosystem. Our study will test how two CRP plantings (CP2 and CP25), which differ in the number of forbs planted, and the effects of periodic grazing influence the restoration of plant and insect abundance on 108 grassland sites across the precipitation gradient in Kansas.

The technicians will work as part of one, unified team that is subdivided into three field crews located in east, central, or western Kansas. Each field crew will work from mid-May to early-August.  The majority of the field effort will be spent in remote short- to tallgrass prairie habitats.  Primary tasks will include plant, insect, and soil sampling in the field, data entry, and sample preparation.  Applicants need to be able work under all weather conditions and be good team players.  Some experience with plant or insect sampling and/or identification is preferred, but dedicated, hardworking individuals will also be considered.  Starting pay is $10/hr plus free housing during the summer of field work.=20

If interested, please contact Dr. Greg Houseman ( or Dr. Mary Liz Jameson (