MS Research Assistantship Available in Forest Ecophysiology

A masters level research assistantship is available in the Forest Ecophysiology lab of Dr. Heidi Renninger in the Department of Forestry( at Mississippi State Universitystarting August, 2017.  Broadly, my lab seeks to understand how the physical environment affects plant physiological functioning in terms ofproductivity and water use and how environmental change will alter plantand ecosystem function in the future.  Specific research projects are open and could include (but are not limited to) any of the following topics:  physiological functioning of bottomland hardwood tree speciesin terms of the ecosystem services they provide, physiological comparison of water use in upland hardwood species in relation to mesophication and flammability of the ecosystem, physiology of poplar biofuel crops, or structure/function relationships in xylem and phloemacross plant types.  This two year assistantship provides financial support including a stipend, tuition waiver and health insurance.  Moreinformation about the graduate school at Mississippi State University can be found here:  To learn more aboutthe position, please contact Heidi Renninger at  Interested students should submit a letterof interest that provides information on the student=92s background, research interests and goals for graduate school as well as a resume/CVto Dr. Renninger. Review of applications will begin on Feb. 20th.