Graduate position: MississippiStateU.CaribbeanIguanas

The Welch Lab at Mississippi State University is looking for graduate
students to study evolutionary and conservation genetics in Caribbean
iguanas. I am interested in recruiting both MS and PhD students that would
like to pursue a degree in Biological Sciences. Students will be able to
choose between applied conservation genetics research projects as well
as more basic research projects focused on the evolutionary dynamics
of natural populations. Island populations of iguanas are particularly
useful for these types of studies because gene flow between islands is
typically low, and population sizes vary providing natural replicates
for study. This research is facilitated by extensive collaboration
with leading conservation biologists in the field. Participants in
the Welch lab will primarily be asked to conduct molecular genetic
analyses. However, fieldwork is highly encouraged, and students in the
Welch Lab have even directed extensive field their own studies. Six
graduate students working on iguanas have already conducted extensive
work in the Turks and Caicos, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic and the
Cayman Islands. Collaborations have further involved Jamaica, and most
of the Lesser Antilles. Work on Cuban iguanas is also currently being
considered. Funding for students will initially be provided by means of
teaching assistantships with the potential for research assistantships
dependent on the availability of external funding. Graduate student
support is a real strength of graduate programs at MSU due to the
availability of Teaching Assistantships. We are looking for students
to start in August of 2017. There are funds available on a competitive
basis to support student visits to MSU, and to provide $2,500 first-year
stipend enhancements. Please contact Mark Welch at mw497ATmsstateDOTedu if
you are interested. A CV would also be appreciated. For more information
about the Welch Lab, please visit