MS Graduate Fellowship Opportunity in Wetland Ecology at Loyola University, Chicago

Dr. Nancy Tuchman is recruiting a student to start July 1st, 2017 on an MS

project in Biology at Loyola University Chicago. The two-year funded

position will involve self-directed research on the effects of the invasive

hybrid cattail, *Typha **=C3=97 glauca,* on wetland structure and function in

the Upper Great Lakes. The incumbent student is expected to conduct summer

research at both the University of Michigan Biological Station in Pellston,

MI, and the Dixon Waterfowl Refuge near Hennepin, IL.

The successful candidate for this fellowship will develop a research

question and design experiments related to *Typha **=C3=97 glauca* management,

effects of *Typha **=C3=97 glauca* on biodiversity (plant, bird, fish,

amphibian, macroinvertebrate, etc.) wetland nutrient cycling, remote

sensing of wetland vegetation, uptake of heavy metals and organic

environmental pollutants, and/or use of harvested invasive biomass as an

energy source or agricultural amendment.

Ideal applicants will have a BS in Biology, Ecology, Botany, Environmental

Science, Agronomy, or related field. Previous field research experience is

required, and experience in experimental design, statistical analysis, GIS,

remote sensing, and/ or environmental toxicology is encouraged.

To apply, please email a cover letter, resume, (unofficial ok) GRE scores,

and contact information of 3 references to Andrew Monks:

We will accept applications until February 10th, 2017.