Wildlife Technician Needed

*Overview:  *The Wildlife Technician position will split time between

Sequoia Riverland Trust (SRT) and the Carrizo Plain Ecosystem Project

(CPEP), a long-term ecological study. The Carrizo is the largest remnant of

the San Joaquin grassland ecosystem and contains many endangered plants and


Sequoia Riverland Trust: The Wildlife Technician will provide assistance

with management and monitoring of wildlife and plant populations at habitat

mitigation sites in the Carrizo Plain in central California. SRT is

currently responsible for managing and/or monitoring mitigation sites

ranging from 1.9 acres to 5,500 acres in size. Livestock grazing is the

primary vegetation management tool on many of these sites.

Carrizo Plain Ecosystem Project: The Wildlife Technician will work in

partnership with the Crew Leader to oversee and conduct a variety of animal

surveys as part of a long-term food web and climate change study in the

Carrizo Plain National Monument.  Employee will co-supervise a team of 2-3

people and will conduct a variety of surveys which may include

mark-recapture of endangered kangaroo rats, vegetation sampling,

mark-recapture surveys of threatened squirrels, seed cache monitoring,

visual line transects for reptiles, pitfall trapping for invertebrates, and

spotlight surveys for predators and lagomorphs. The wildlife technician

will also collaborate on the dismantling of precipitation plot equipment

and dissemination of the equipment.

For general information on Sequoia Riverlands Trust please visit


For general information on the Carrizo Plain Ecosystem Project please visit


*PRIMARY Duties:*

sEQUOIA rIVERLAND tRUST mitigation site monitoring and management

   – Monitor wildlife and habitat conditions on mitigation sites, with an

   emphasis on special status wildlife species typical of the Carrizo Plain

   and San Joaquin Valley. Monitoring activities include but are not limited


      – Avian point counts surveys

      – Spotlight surveys

      – Camera station surveys

      – Small mammal mark-recapture

      – Special status plant surveys

      – RDM and habitat condition assessment

   – Follow established field protocols and keep detailed records and data

   sheets. Maintain monitoring records to enable easy retrieval and display of


   – Assist with monitoring land use restriction agreements on parcels

   within the Carrizo Plain National Monument.

=C2=B7         Collect and provide input to periodic reports required for each

mitigation site.

SRT Supervision:   The Wildlife Technician will Report directly to SRT=E2=80=99s

Conservation Biologist on SRT related duties.


   – Oversee day to day operations and project functioning

   – Removal of precipitation plot equipment

   – Dissemination of project equipment

   – Plot maintenance

   – Assist with mark-recapture of Giant Kangaroo Rats

   – Mark-recapture of San Joaquin Antelope Squirrels

   – Visual line transect surveys for reptiles

   – Pitfall trapping and identification of invertebrates

   – Spotlighting surveys for predators and lagomorphs

   – Vegetation sampling

   – Data entry and other duties as assigned

   – Seed cache monitoring

   – Possible additional projects include: Soil and precipitation

   monitoring, cow patty counts

CPEP Supervision/Coordination:  The Wildlife Technician will report

directly to Program Manager and will oversee 2-3 interns in coordination

with Crew Leader on CPEP related project.


The Wildlife Technician=E2=80=99s work will be focused in the Carrizo Plain area

and the west side of the southern San Joaquin Valley in central California.

The primary mitigation sites are in a lightly populated area with no

amenities. The region has a =E2=80=9CMediterranean=E2=80=9D climate, with cool, moist

winters and very hot, dry summers.

The Wildlife Technician will spend a significant portion of their time

doing field work, sometimes in remote areas with rugged terrain, poorly

maintained roads and limited communications. Work schedule is seasonally

variable, but will require, at times, pre-dawn work, nighttime work, and

long days.

Although most of the work will be in the Carrizo Plain Area, the Wildlife

Technician may periodically travel to other SRT holdings that span from

western Merced County to northern Los Angeles County.

*DESIRED Skills & Attributes:*

      =C2=B7         Degree in wildlife biology, wildlife management,

conservation biology or related field

      =C2=B7         Previous work with inventory or monitoring of wildlife


   – Familiarity with the special status wildlife species typical of the

   Carrizo Plain and San Joaquin Valley (e.g., giant kangaroo rat, San Joaquin

   kit fox, blunt-nosed leopard lizard, pronghorn antelope, Swainson=E2=80=99s hawk);

   or demonstrated ability to obtain such knowledge in a timely manner.

   Preferred applicants will have familiarity with the plants and animals of


   – Strong interest in deserts and arid regions, as well as in the species

   being studied

   – Experience with the following field techniques is also helpful: small

   mammal live trapping and handling, distance sampling, and pitfall trapping

   – Strong interest in natural history, conservation, and/or management

   – Ability to do fairly strenuous field work such as hiking in steep

   terrain or driving on rough unpaved roads in harsh weather conditions.

   Must be in good physical condition

   – Experience with or able to tolerate long work days, hot and cold field

   conditions and night work

   – Ability to maintain work quality and a positive attitude during

   challenging field conditions is essential

   – Practical knowledge of mapping, navigation and data management tools

   such as GPS, Arc GIS, topographic maps, aerial imagery, Proficiency in

   Microsoft Office

   – Previous experience working independently in the field, ability to be

   flexible and live and work well with others in an isolated setting while

   juggling schedules for multiple projects.

   – Ability to clearly communicate priorities and performance expectations

   to interns, co-workers, and volunteers

   – High degree of integrity and professionalism needed to maintain

   confidentiality of sensitive  information

   – Previous supervisory experience

   – Strong conflict management skills

   – Valid driver=E2=80=99s license and operation of 4WD vehicles.

   – High level of responsibility, organization, and motivation

*COMPENSATION: * This is a grant funded position. Compensation will be

based on experience and qualifications.


*DATES*:  March through October

*LOCATION*:  Carrizo Plain National Monument, California (60 miles east of

San Luis Obispo)

*WORK SCHEDULE*:  Approx. 40 hrs per week, variable throughout season

*to apply: *Please email your resume, cover letter, salary requirements and

three references as a single Word or PDF attachment. Send applications to

Marilyn Martin, Camdilla Wirth and Rachel Endicott via email:

marilyn@sequoiariverlands.org, camdilla@sequoiariverlands.org and

rendicott@berkeley.edu). Please state =E2=80=9CWildlife Technician=E2=80=9D in the subject

line.  Emails without this information may not be considered. Please apply

by February 13th, 2017.

NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.  We will contact qualified candidates to set up


Sequoia Riverlands Trust and The Carrizo Plain Ecosystem Project are equal

opportunity employers. We support a diverse workforce.