M.S. Assistantship: University of Missouri

Description: A Master of Science graduate research assistantship is available with Dr. Mitch Weegman in the School of Natural Resources at the University of Missouri (www.snr.missouri.edu). This project will utilize data collected from tracking devices fitted to northern bobwhite in Missouri to answer fundamental questions in population ecology related to adult and juvenile overwinter survival and habitat selection, the results of which will help inform the development of annual cycle models. This work is a collaboration between researchers at the University of Missouri, Missouri Department of Conservation and U.S. Forest Service.

Prerequisites: Ideal candidates will have an undergraduate degree in statistics, wildlife ecology or a closely related field, and interpersonal skills to lead discussions among collaborators. Preference will be given to those with a strong quantitative background (e.g., experience with Program R, Program MARK, Bayesian methods), knowledge of avian ecology and management, and field experience (e.g., handling birds). Competitive applicants will have an undergraduate GPA > 3.4, quantitative GRE scores that average in the 70th percentile or higher, and a GRE analytical writing score > 4.0. Students must have a valid driver=92s license. The successful applicant will be expected to publish manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals, present papers at scientific meetings and serve as a teaching assistant in courses such as ornithology and population dynamics.

Salary and benefits:  Approximately $18,300 per year, with an expected annual increase, health insurance and course waiver (i.e., the student will not pay tuition).

Start date: June 2017

Last date to apply: February 17, 2017

To be considered for this position, please send the following (preferably as a single PDF) to Dr. Mitch Weegman (weegmanm@missouri.edu):

1.=09Letter of interest summarizing your experience

2.=09Curriculum vitae or resume

3.=09College transcripts (unofficial are fine)

4.=09GRE scores (unofficial are fine)

5.=09Contact information for three references