Ph.D. Assistantship in Marine Biomechanics at Old Dominion University

The Bartol Lab ( in the Department of Biological Sciences atOld Dominion University has a research assistantship available for a Ph.D. student to workon a NSF-sponsored project on cephalopod maneuverability. This project focuses onunderstanding how the jet, fins, and arms operate in concert to produce the necessaryforces for turning in squid and cuttlefish of different developmental stages. The researchwill involve fieldwork in marine labs in Maine and Virginia and will provide an opportunity tolearn cutting edge skills in high-speed videography and 2D/3D velocimetry. Students witha M.S. degree and background in comparative physiology/biomechanics are preferable, and the goal is to fill this research assistantship by the Summer or Fall 2017 semester. A competitive stipend and tuition waiver will be provided.

Prior to applying to our graduate program, please contact Dr. Ian Bartol via email(, with the following information: 1) curriculum vitae, ) GRE scores, 3) unofficial transcript, and 4) a brief statement of research experience and interests.=20Following contact with Dr. Bartol, students will need to apply to the Ecological SciencesPh.D. Program at Old Dominion University(, which has anapplication deadline of February 1, 2017