MSc Position in small mammal seed predation ecology, University of Maine

A graduate (MSc) position is available to work in Alessio Mortelliti’s

lab ( focusing on the response of

small mammals (mice, voles, shrews and squirrels) to forest management

practices. The goal of the study is to contribute to providing a

mechanistic understanding of mammalian responses to silvicultural

practices and to understand how these responses affect the process of

seed predation. This will include conducting a series of experiments to

measure how individual characteristics of small mammals (e.g. health

status, personality, fitness) affect seed predation in the context of a

large scale capture-mark-recapture study.

The ideal candidate would have a strong passion for field work, strong

quantitative skills and an interest in teaching. Required

qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in wildlife ecology, biology or a

closely-related field and a minimum gpa of 3.0. Preferred

qualifications: strong organizational skills, physical capability and

endurance, experience in conducting field research (preferably on small


The assistantship position includes a stipend (the candidate is expected

to work as a TA at least 3 semesters), 50% of the student health

insurance, and tuition paid for the graduate program at the University

of Maine. Expected start date June 1st 2017.

If you are interested please send your application as a unique pdf file


1) a cover letter that outlines your qualifications for the project

(focusing on skills mentioned in the candidate profile and preferred

qualifications) and career goals,

2) Curriculum vitae

3) GRE scores

4) an unofficial transcript

Send the document to Dr. Alessio Mortelliti

( <>).

Applications will be reviewed beginning January 30, 2017.