Job Opportunity: Scientific Writer

Contract Service: Scientific Writer

Project Timeline: Approximately February – May 31, 2020, TBD

Deadline to apply: Feb. 15th, 2020

Submit a quote, your resume, and 2 writing samples

Apply here:

The Billion Oyster Project was awarded a grant to create a Species ID Guide for the New York Harbor Estuary. This guide will be used by students, community scientists, partnering organizations and teachers in and out of the classroom. The Billion Oyster Project is seeking a Scientific Writer for a short term contract. This contract will be approximately early February – May 31, 2020, TBD.

The Scientific Writer will research 65-70 organisms found in the New York Harbor Estuary. Working from but not limited to the list of species found throughout the Billion Oyster Project’s field data collection and previously published field guides. Collaboratively working with the Education Outreach Coordinator at the Billion Oyster Project to develop a well-rounded list of species commonly found in the New York Harbor Estuary. Each description should be thoroughly researched and will include, but is not limited to: diet, habitat, distinguishing features, category, status (i.e. non-endemic), Phylum, Class and fun facts. Descriptions should be engaging and will be written for students ranging from elementary to college. The Scientific Writer will conduct their own copy editing. This contract is grant funded, therefore the Scientific Writer will abide by strict deadlines and deliverables by completing all tasks during the set period.

Qualifications and Experience:

A bachelors or masters degree in Biology, Ecology, Environmental Science, or similar field

2-5 years of scientific research in the marine field

Excellent writing skills and ability to adapt writing style for younger audiences

Excellent organizational skills including written and oral communication, time management, and ability to prioritize

Proactive; able to work independently, stay ahead of schedule, and know when to escalate a problem

Strong familiarity with New York Harbor and New York Harbor Ecology

Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises Certification preferred


The Scientific Writer will be contracted by the New York Harbor Foundation d/b/a Billion Oyster Project, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The Scientific Writer opportunity is a short term contract from Feb. 2020 to May 2020, TBD. Compensation will be agreed upon before the start of the contract based on submitted quote.

Ownership of Intellectual Property

The New York Harbor Foundation d/b/a Billion Oyster Project will be the sole owner of the Species ID guide, including and without limitation of all property rights, intellectual and otherwise, of the contracted scientific writing and research. The New York Harbor Foundation d/b/a Billion Oyster Project gives express permission for the Contractor to use the Species ID guide scientific writing and research as portfolio pieces and work samples for future projects. The Contractor will be credited for their work.