Graduate position: CityU_NewYork.ComputationalModeling

The Carnaval and Hickerson labs at the City University of New York have
> a new openings for a PhD student who is interested in bridging community
> ecology with population genetics and comparative phylogeography. The group
> is focusing on developing and implementing population genetic methods for
> understanding the evolutionary and demographic histories of co-distributed
> species assemblages and processes underlying community assembly.
> Funding will be partially provided by the newly funded NSF grant “A Rules
> Of Life Engine (RoLE) Model to Uncover Fundamental Processes Governing
> Biodiversity” (DBI-1926928). This project involves collaborations
> with researchers at the Santa Fe Institute, University of Florida and
> University of California (Merced and Berkeley) and aims to understand and
> infer eco-evolutionary processes underlying multi-dimensional biodiversity
> survey data.
> The ideal candidate will have a strong interest and aptitude in
> quantitative biology, modeling, and programming as well as an interest
> in ecology, evolutionary genetics and biogeography. The labs especially
> welcome qualified applicants with diverse backgrounds including
> anthropology, mathematics, physics, computer science, and related fields.
> The two labs are located in Manhattan and benefit from a thriving
> academic environment in New York City and has close ties with other
> biogeographically focused labs at CUNY and the AMNH, as well as being
> part of the CUNY PhD subprogram in Evolution, Ecology and Behavior.
> We anticipate that the position would start in the Fall of 2020. Contact
> Ana Carnaval (acarnaval ‘at’ or Mike Hickerson (mhickerson
> ‘at’ ccny if there is interest.