Northern Colorado Plant Ecology and/or Population Genetics MS and PhD positions

We seek two highly motivated student looking to pursue a MS or PhD degree with a focus on plant ecology (Dr. Scott Franklin) and/or population genetics (Dr. Mit McGlaughlin). Current studies include restoration of sagebrush, examining both the genetics and ecology, conservation genetics of rare species, ecology of clonal plants (e.g., aspen), disturbance ecology, and plant classification. To find out more about our current and past research, visit our lab web pages (Dr. Franklin =; Dr. McGlaughlin =

The University of Northern Colorado was founded in 1889 and tucked between the Rocky Mountains and Colorado’s stunning high plains, UNC is a public doctoral research university committed to the success of its ~12,862 students, with more than 100 undergraduate programs and 120 graduate programs. The university’s just-right size, expert faculty, and tradition of research and hands-on learning gives students exceptional opportunities and a personalized education. If you are interested, contact either Dr. Franklin ( or Dr. McGlaughlin (